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MSEB - Get a new electricity connection
To apply for new connection-
Fill up form A1 (To download the form go to and submit it to the sub-division office of your area.

Following documents are required to be submitted with the form:

  • House tax receipt or commercial certificate (in case of new house).           
  • House tax receipt (in case of old house).
  • Copy of plan (in case of bungalow)
  • Electricity bill of your neighbour.
  • If applicant is not the owner of the house- Copy of lease-deed and latest receipt of house rent.
  • Caste Certificate (in case of SC/ST) to apply for discount in Service line charges (SLC) and Service connection charges (SCC).

- Once the application is submitted to the sub-division office, it will be followed by site visit by the Area Engineer to verify details.
- After the site visit, you will be issued a ‘Firm Quotation’ form by the sub-division office. The certificate gives the break-up of amount to be paid like SLC, SCC, security deposit and meter charges.
- Pay the amount at the Division office.
- Submit a wiring test report obtained from Government recognised electrical contractors with receipts of amount paid with the ‘Firm Quotation’ form to the sub-division office.
- The same will be followed by another visit by the Area Engineer to test wiring and to install the meter.

NOTE: Before applying for a new connection, clear all the arrears of MSEB bills in your name.

The same form is required to be filled for:

  • Reinstallation
  • Addition/reduction of load
  • Temporary Supply meter.

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