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Online application of passport
The Pune Regional Passport Office has started online acceptance of passport application. This means that one need not stand in long queues just to submit the application for passport.

An applicant is only expected to visit the website –, select the online registration option, read instructions and select ‘passport office Pune’ option for filling up the form. Columns marked with red star are for mandatory information

Once the applicant has filled up the form and registered, he/she has to take the print-out of the application form for obtaining the application number and the date of appointment.

After filling up certain information by hand, the applicant has to get two photocopies of the application form. In case of more than one address, an additional photocopy of the form for each address should be taken. Later, the applicant is required to visit the passport office in person for submitting the form with fee and originals supporting documents.

The online application facility will be available to fresh passport seekers, cases of re-issue of passport where the 10-year validity has expired, passport for minors and duplicate passport in case of loss or damage to existing ones.

Visit for information about the fee structure, instruments and documents required. You are advised to apply online only when you are confident of submitting the necessary documents on the date of appointment.

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